One Year Warranty Information

Congratulations on your new Kittle home! Our homes feature a one-year warranty and below is everything you as a homeowner need to know!
Your warranty begins on the day of closing and is in effect until the same date the following year. In the event that you have any issue that needs to be addressed within the first year, please contact:
1. Electrical Issues: Contact Will Spurlock at Electrical Contractors, Inc. at 770-271-9145 or
2. Plumbing Issues: Contact Hallway Plumbing at 404-480-4255 or 678-341-4455
3. HVAC (Heating and Air) Issues: Contact Stuart Pro Air Services at 770-813-1316 or
For any other issues that may need to be addressed within the first year, please contact us using the form below and someone from our team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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